2011 HFNY Annual Charity Bike Ride

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If you enjoy biking and have the desire to help others, come join the HFNY cycling team! It's a great way to raise awareness and funding to support the work that benefits the poor and marginalized in our city.

Following last year's success, we will participate in the Escape New York** bike ride with a goal to raise over $60,000 for HFNY. The ride starts and ends in Manhattan with scenic routes through Bergen and Rockland Counties.

No experience? No problem.  You can get in shape with the HFNY cycling team through a series of training rides that lead up to the actual event.  Not only is it fun, it will be a great opportunity to meet other bike enthusiasts while raising fund for a good cause.

     When: Sat, September 24, 2011
     Where: 122nd Street & Riverside Dr., east of Grant's Tomb
     Duration: 50, 65, 100 miles

**Please see FAQ below for alternative dates and distance


Fundraising Goal:

We encourage you to set an individual goal of $1,000 or more.  Riders who raise $1,000 or more will receive an official HFNY bike jersey.

This year we also have a 30K matching gift by an anonymous donor! The first 60 riders who have raised $500 or more will receive $500 matching gift that goes towards the individual's fundraising goal.

 How to sign up:

1) Create your personal fundraising page. 

2) Register for Escape New York event ($35 before August 27, 2011)

3) Subscribe to the team  or Facebook for training ride schedule and event info. 

Spread the word and start fundraising!



Please contact the HFNY Cycling Team at .


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I can't make it on the date above? What if I can't bike 50 miles?
A: Consider doing a virtual bike ride on your own or joining other bike events that our team participate as your fundraising ride.   us for details.

Q: I don't have a bike but am interested in participating.
A: You can rent one through your local bike shops.  

Q: Any tips on fundraising?
Below are few suggestions:

  • Set a goal so that your donors are encouraged to help you reach your target 
  • Add your Personal Fundraising Page to your Facebook profile
  • Include the link to your Personal Fundraising Page in your email signature, Facebook status, or Instant Messenger status

Q: Does the amount from Corporate Matching Gift count toward my fundraising goal?
  Yes. Once we receive a matching gift notification from your donor we will notify you of the amount so you can input that as your offline donation.  Please encourage your donors to report their donations through their companies's matching gift program.

Q: How do I display offline donation on my fundraising page?
  Follow the step-by-step instruction here.  

Q: What resources are there for offline fundraising?
We encourage you to use the on-line fundraising platform that is quick and convenient.  But if you prefer off-line fundraising, you can download the pledge cards and donation letter and distribute them. 

Q: How should checks be handled?
Please make the checks payable to Hope For New York (with rider's name in the memo section), and mail to: "Attn: HFNY Charity Bike Ride, 1359 Broadway, Suite 410, New York, New York, 10018".  You can add the amount as offline donation on your fundraising page.