Our Approach

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Hope for New York is not simply an organization that mobilizes volunteers.  Nor are we just a foundation that disburses grants. We are a unique blend of both.  By mobilizing resources in the form of volunteers and grants to organizations, we believe we can make an impact in the individual lives and communities we serve.


How do we do it?

Since our inception, we did not intend to reinvent the wheel and create our own organization but to partner with existing organizations that are already serving the poor and marginalized.  Our goal is to strengthen the work of our affiliates through mobilizing volunteers and disbursing annual grants.

In addition, HFNY provides consulting services to its affiliates to promote best practices.  Each year, we have offered training seminars through The Foundation Center and The New York Association for Volunteer Administrators.  These courses which include Grant Writing, Proposal Budgeting and Outcomes Thinking and Management have proven to be effective resources for our affiliates.

By mobilizing volunteers to give their time, skills and finances, the impact is felt immediately by the affiliates.  HFNY provides orientations, trainings and guidance to volunteers who seek to make a difference in our city. 

In 2005, HFNY launched a pilot program to work with churches other than Redeemer Presbyterian Church.  Our goal was to mobilize and assist churches to engage with the poor and marginalized in their community.  HFNY provides the resources and support for churches to launch or strengthen their ministry to the city. 

Currently, our church affiliates are:

  • Apostles Church, Manhattan, NY
  • Redeemer Presbyterian Church, Manhattan, NY
  • Trinity Baptist Church, Manhattan, NY