Center for All Abilities

Center for All Abilities seeks to serve individuals with special needs and their families through creative, educational and spiritual enrichment in a faith-guided environment. Their vision is for people with special needs and their families to realize and live out their full potential in God through supportive services. 

This spring, we mobilized volunteers to participate in CAA's annual Special Olympics, allowing children with special needs to experience organized sports, some for the very first time!
We love that Center for All Abilities seeks to support families to empower their loved ones who have special needs.
Some of our most creative volunteers serve with CAA-- especially with the arts and music opportunities!

Walk With U (WWU)

  • Volunteers mentor elementary age kids with intellectual or developmental disabilities. Volunteers and kids meet together bi-monthly for group sessions throughout the academic year.
Mighty Adventurers for Christ (MAX)
  • Volunteers mentor middle to high school age youth with intellectual or developmental disabilities. Volunteers meet bi-monthly for group sessions, and ongoing with mentees throughout academic year.
Monthly Social Group Program
  • Volunteers provide childcare for parents attending the support group on the 3rd Saturday of each month from September to June.
Creative Arts
  • Volunteers lead activities in fine arts, musical instruments, basics of architecture, etc. for kids with intellectual or development disabilities, teaching an expressive platform in a safe space to build self-esteem and confidence through skill.

See below to sign up for these opportunities.
“I am so happy to see how the kids have people who they can look up and who have so much to give. I am glad to be a positive example for them and to see how God loves the kids every time I serve for them.”
Eddie, Volunteer
His Toy Store serves families across NYC
December 14, 2015
On December 5 and December 12, we were able to serve families in need through His Toy Store, distributing more than 2,600 toys at 9 pop-up stores across the city! We are so grateful to everyone who donated to stock the stores with toys and volunteered as part of a His Toy Store committee to make the stores happen.
Prayers for People with Disabilities
April 12, 2017
Nearly 900,000 people in New York City live with disabilities. Lack of accessible transportation and housing, unequal education, unemployment, and poor health care are among the common barriers people with disabilities face. Join us in praying on behalf of these neighbors of ours.
Coming Together through His Toy Store
November 20, 2017
There’s a beauty in coming together as a community into a space like His Toy Store to serve alongside another community over a common love for what God is doing in our city.