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Do For One’s mission is to bring dignity and hope to people with disabilities ("partners") through the power of relationships.

Do For One brings people who are marginalized into a place of belonging through strategic partnerships with churches and surrounding communities. By selectively matching one person with disabilities in need of guidance, companionship, or advocacy with a volunteer ("advocate"), Do For One forms life-changing relationships sustained through education and community support.

We invest grant dollars to support DFO's rental costs for program space, meals and hospitality needs for community gatherings, and training and workshop costs.
Through our Nonprofit Accelerator, DFO received training in nonprofit management essentials to ensure a strong foundation that promotes organizational effectiveness and sustainability.
Do For One allows HFNY volunteers to build genuine relationships with people who have disabilities through fun community gatherings such as movie and game nights and karaoke nights.


  • Volunteers will act as advocates after being matched with a participant at Do For One. Advocates are not limited to any one specific role and flexibly choose, along with his/her partner, the personal investment, content and direction of the relationship.

Advocate Associate

  • Volunteers will come alongside advocates with expertise or skills to support participants in areas such as housing, legal representation, employment, etc.

Because there is a process to getting involved, it could take up to a few weeks for you to begin volunteering.


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Do For One

Build Relationships with Adults with Disabilities at Community Gathering

Sat 552018
6:30 PM 8:30 PM
The West Side
People With Disabilities
Do For One

Attend Do For One Info Session on Supporting Adults with Disabilities

Mon 642018
6:45 PM 8:15 PM
People With Disabilities
Do For One

Build Relationships with Adults with Disabilities on Roosevelt Island

Fri 682018
6:30 PM 9:00 PM
The East Side
People With Disabilities
Do For One

Build Relationships with Adults with Disabilities on UWS

Fri 7132018
6:30 PM 9:00 PM
The West Side
People With Disabilities
“People are welcomed to be their own quirky selves and that fosters a celebration of what it is to be human, in need of love and each other, regardless of seeming differences. ”
Andrew, Executive Director
Welcome, New Affiliate: Do for One
July 13, 2016
Join us in welcoming Do for One to our affiliate family! Do for One pairs volunteers with New Yorkers living with disabilities in order to facilitate genuine connection and friendship. We asked Director Andrew Oliver to answer a few questions about his involvement with Do for One, his passion for people with disabilities, and his hope for the future of this organization.
Two Ways to Commit to Mercy and Justice This Year
March 15, 2017
If you’re ready to make mercy and justice a regular part of your life, here are two ways we invite you to go deeper in giving of your time, talents, and treasures.
Prayers for People with Disabilities
April 12, 2017
Nearly 900,000 people in New York City live with disabilities. Lack of accessible transportation and housing, unequal education, unemployment, and poor health care are among the common barriers people with disabilities face. Join us in praying on behalf of these neighbors of ours.