Prison Fellowship

Prison Fellowship® is the nation’s largest Christian nonprofit serving prisoners, former prisoners, and their families, and a leading advocate for criminal justice reform. The organization was founded in 1976 by Charles Colson, a former aide to President Nixon who served a seven-month sentence for a Watergate-related crime. Today, through an amazing awakening to new hope and life purpose, it helps transforms those who once broke the law, mobilizing them to serve their communities and replace the cycle of crime with a cycle of renewal.

Volunteers are passionate about serving individuals in and out of prison to help those affected by incarceration to navigate reentry into community.
We love Prison Fellowship because their programs work to bring restoration to not only the prisoner but their families and those who are victims of crimes as well.
Prison Fellowship collaborates with churches, para-church organizations, and local service providers to support families with loved ones behind bars and people affected by crime including prisoners and their families, victims, and wardens.

The Rikers Island Academy program:

  • Instructors: Volunteers will teach a 12-week intensive program to 20+ men inside Rikers Island Correctional Facility to help the participants build a new life and become productive citizens. Times and dates vary. 

Reentry Life Coach:

  • Reentry Life Coach: Volunteers will provide one-on-one life coaching sessions with an Academy Program participant prior to their release from Riker's Island. This is a six session - one two-hour session per week - opportunity to assist men in developing a reentry life plan and provide advice and life-experience tips to assist in their reentry success. Male volunteers only. (The women's program will begin in January 2018)

All volunteers will need to complete Prison Fellowship's online application. Once the application is approved, the Prison Fellowship staff will contact volunteers for next steps, including an interview and training.  

See below to sign up for these opportunities.
Prison Fellowship

Training to Serve Incarcerated Individuals at Rikers Island

Sat 8122017
8:30 AM 12:30 PM
“I've seen lives changed, as well as mine. I've learned more from the guys, I think, than they've learned from me. It's all about serving Jesus.”
T.J., Volunteer