Urban Hope
Staten Island

Urban Hope Inc. was formed to rescue and uplift children, teens and youth in the West Brighton community (North Shore of Staten Island) from a cycle of generational physical and emotional abuse, neglect, poverty, and lack of parental oversight and care resulting in risky social behaviors and poor academic performance. 

We want to help the children and teens through our After-school program, Arts/Crafts/Music programs, six-week Summer Camp, Street Leadership Ministry (teen leadership development through paid internship and training programs), Workforce Development Centre (using a Basketball League and VISION TOURS as a Connect Point) to develop youth academically, socially, spiritually, and in leadership. In addition, we want to be a catalyst, resource, and partner to other local churches throughout the nation, with a focus on NYC, to help them do the same in each of their respective communities.

Our volunteers are passionate and committed to building deep relationships with students to support them with homework help, tutoring and mentoring.
Urban Hope staff has participated in HFNY facilitated trainings on supervisory relationships, communications, and volunteer management best practices to promote organizational effectiveness and sustainability.
Volunteers also come up with fun activities with youth such as cooking classes, music lessons, and arts and crafts.

Urban Hope serves the community of West Brighton in a variety of ways! We look forward to partnering with them in various ways in the coming year through mentorship, education and other activities that help serve kids in vulnerable communities. See below for current opportunities:

Homework Help & Arts and Crafts


  • Volunteers provide help with homework at after school program.  Volunteers will also prepare activities and arts and crafts related to the Bible lesson for the day.


See below to sign up for these opportunities.
The Compassion Revolution on Staten Island
September 13, 2017
It has been breathtaking to experience Jesus’ heart for West Brighton, a broken and forgotten corner of the “forgotten borough,” and the strength and beauty of our neighbors who loved and served this community long before we arrived.
Know Your City: North Shore, Staten Island
October 06, 2017
Staten Island, known as the “forgotten borough,” is actually the wealthiest of the five boroughs, boasting the highest median household income. Last year, it also had the highest rate of overdose deaths in the city, at 31.8 per 100,000 adults. Learn more about the community and how you can pray.