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Don't Walk By is an annual collaboration of faith-based organizations that are committed to serving the homeless and offering them an alternative to living on the streets.

Volunteers canvass the streets and subway platforms in Manhattan on a search for the homeless, offering the people they encounter care kits and an invitation to return to a nearby church for food and medical assistance. 

For those ready to leave the streets, Don't Walk By will offer a place in a residential recovery program.

Volunteers walk every street in Manhattan, serve dinner, provide medical services, and offer encouragement and prayer for our homeless neighbors.
Our grant dollars support all the program costs for Don't Walk By, from hearty dinners for the guests to medical supplies and hygiene kits.
Families and children from HFNY's partner churches will assemble over 1,000 care kits filled with hygiene products that will be distributed to the homeless through Don't Walk By.

2018 Don't Walk By Outreach Dates

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Feb 3: Downtown (Outreach Full)

Feb 10: Westside 

Feb 17: Eastside 

Feb 24: Uptown 

    There are several roles you can serve with, including:

    1. Street Engagement: Walk a 10×10 block radius with your team to reach out to our homeless neighbors
    2. Subway Engagement: Ride a subway line with your team to reach out to our homeless neighbors
    3. Team Leader: Lead a volunteer team on the street or subway. Training for this role will be held on Monday, Jan. 22 and Thursday, Jan. 25.
    4. Hospitality: Serve at the anchor church to provide a meal, clothing, resources, and encouragement to the homeless guests that arrive off the streets.
    5. Medical Professionals: Medical Doctors, registered nurses, physician assistants, EMTs, Medical practitioners, certified counselors.

    Guidelines for Groups

    If you want to serve with a group:

    1. Choose a date As a group, choose a date to volunteer and a role you want to play as a group (street engagement or subway engagement)

    2. Choose a team leader Decide who from your group will serve as the Team Leader* and write his/her name on the registration form.

    *Team leaders must attend one team leader training on either Mon, 1/22 or Thurs, 1/25 from 6:30-8:30pm (you will select the date when you register for Don't Walk By).

    3. Flexibility is key While group affiliations are taken into account when assigning outreach teams, Don't Walk By assigns teams with specific safety constraints in mind and to best serve our homeless neighbors (i.e. co-ed groups, up to 8 people per group, etc). You may be placed on another team than your choosing, so we thank you in advance for your graciousness and flexibility!

    If you have any questions, please email kristi.delena@hfny.org or visit Don't Walk By's FAQ page.

    Volunteer with Registration at Don't Walk By

    Registration volunteers will greet and check in fellow volunteers who signed up to serve with Don't Walk By. Volunteers for this opportunity must have a smartphone and be comfortable downloading a free app (Eventbrite) to check people in. Information will be sent beforehand to registered volunteers as well as training will be provided on the day of the event. See below for links to sign up!

See below to sign up for these opportunities.
“Committing to walk & engage with the homeless made me think about the future: how would stopping this time, instead of walking by, change the way I commute everyday? Could I go back to putting on blinders to the need in my own neighborhood?”
Elizabeth E., Volunteer
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Awesome volunteer Bo Huang attends Redeemer Downtown and has volunteered with Don't Walk By with his community group for several years. "We’ve always felt compelled to serve with DWB because homelessness is one of the major, ever-present social issues of NYC and Christ cares deeply for the poor," Bo says.
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Andrea Yee has lived in NYC for eight years. It wasn't until last year, when she volunteered with Don't Walk By, that she really felt a sense of ownership of the city. It changed the way she views her home, and she believes all New Yorkers should participate in this outreach at least once!
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