Exodus Transitional Community


Founded in 1999, Exodus Transitional Community, Inc. provides supportive services to formerly incarcerated men and women with the mission of helping them reintegrate in to their communities and break the cycle of relapse into crime.

Exodus Transitional Community offers a holistic approach to re-entry and supports formerly incarcerated individuals in six target areas: employment, education, family/relationships, spirituality, health/physical fitness, and community involvement. Services and programs include a re-entry program, employment services, academic and career programs, substance abuse and anger management services, and a fatherhood initiative.

Volunteer Opportunities: 

10-week job readiness and finanical planning workshop: HFNY Volunteers can help lead workshops on topics such as effective job searching (how to get the job you want); networking; mock interviews; budget making and implementing; problem solving in the workplace (conflicts with coworkers, dealing with managers) etc.


2271 3rd Avenue (between 123rd and 124th Street), NY, NY 10035




Upcoming Events: