Grant Giving

Since its inception in 1992, HFNY has distributed over $9 million in grants.

In funding our affiliates, we give priority to:

  • Existing programs that demonstrate best practices
  • Expansion and creation of new programs
  • Programs that serve unique or unmet needs
Recent Grant Distribution

In Fiscal Year 2013, HFNY contributed $1,329,006 in grants to the following areas:

2012 Grants

Financial Stewardship

Prior to affiliating with an organization, HFNY carefully conducts a comprehensive due diligence process that involves an application with an extensive review of programs, budgets and financial statements. Once an organization is approved as an affiliate, there is a probationary period of one year before an affiliate is eligible to receive funding.

Annually, affiliates must submit the following information along with their grant application:

  • Audited Financial Statement
  • Form 990 (IRS Statement for Nonprofits)
  • Annual Report
  • Organization and Project Budget
  • Certificate of Liability Insurance
  • List of Major Funding Sources
  • List of Current Board Members and Schedule of Attendance

This extensive, comprehensive due diligence process is an example of HFNY’s commitment to financial stewardship.  Beyond these data points, ongoing relationships between affiliate staff, HFNY staff and volunteers are critical to our success. Volunteers provide first-hand accounts of the effectiveness of our affiliate programs and HFNY’s investment of resources.

HFNY does not accept unsolicited grant requests.