Give this Easter
Celebrate by giving generously

We're inviting you to celebrate God’s response to our need and spiritual poverty this Easter by giving generously to our neighbors in need.

100% of the donations we receive this Easter will go to our affiliate programs, helping to make possible stories of hope like Destiny's or Steven's, below.




Ways to give



Give at  hfny.org/donate.


Mail a check

Make a tax-deductible donation through postal mail by sending a check to:

1166 Avenue of the Americas, Suite 1610
New York, NY 10036

Please include your name, address, and email address so that we may acknowledge and receipt your gift.


At church 

All congregations of Redeemer Presbyterian Church are receiving an offering for Hope for New York on Easter Sunday. All congregations of Apostles Church are receiving an offering for Hope for New York in the month following Easter Sunday.



Ready to commit to giving throughout the year? Join The Hope Exchange, our monthly giving program for people who want to see all New Yorkers thrive and flourish.