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Meet Awesome Volunteer Brad Egbert

June 29, 2015

For the past year, awesome volunteer Brad Egbert has been partnering with the residents at The Bowery Mission to develop and craft resumes as they work toward employment. "I wanted to find a way to love New York and the people of New York in an up close and personal way that leverages the experiences God has already given me," Brad says. Brad, who attends Apostles Church, works as an economist at the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey.


What do you do when you volunteer? 

I work with participants in the Bowery Mission Recovery programs to develop and craft their resume. 

Why did you want to start volunteering with The Bowery Mission? 

I wanted to find a way to love New York and the people of New York in an up close and personal way that leverages the experiences God has already given me. The resume clinic allows me to pass along the knowledge and skills that have been given to me through people helping me with my own job searches. It is an easy way to really help someone. 


What challenges are the men in the resume clinic facing? 

There is a large diversity in the people at the resume clinic. Some participants have never created resume before and some have little formal experience beyond day labor work. Others have lots of experience, but their history of drug abuse, prison sentences or other life circumstances makes finding a job that fits their skill set very difficult. For many participants, we have to probe into their history and story to help them understand their skill set and how to articulate it on a resume. Many of the participants have led rather difficult lives, and when they finish up a really good-looking resume and they realize, possibly for the first time, that they have a fighting chance to land a decent job. It is incredible to see how their entire demeanor changes when they have genuine hope.


What's been rewarding or fulfilling to you about volunteering?

Volunteering at the resume clinic makes you aware of the "Manhattan Bubble" that most of us live in, and puts in perspective how trivial many of our problems really are. It has given me a greater understanding of how big and diverse the world really is, and how much God really does love and is working to redeem every corner of it. There are easy ways to get involved in the lives of people who are genuinely trying to better their lives. It is a breath of fresh air every time I step into the clinic, but it also makes me confront myself, my own pride, prejudices and privilege in the context of the gospel.


What's a favorite memory from volunteering this year? 

I don't remember his name, but there was one participant who, upon finishing his resume, it was as if the whole world changed. Where there had previously been despair and rejection, there was now hope. He had a resume that looked really good and, maybe for the first time, he felt he could actually thrive. It was a good day.


How do you feel you've grown in your relationship with Christ through volunteering? 

One of the largest things I have grown in through volunteering is perspective. Every time I volunteer the "Manhattan Bubble" I live in is destroyed. You begin to realize how much Christ really does love every messed up corner of the city and the world despite of our backgrounds. What really matters is Christ.


What are some of your favorite things about New York City? 

The best part of New York is the people. They are some of the most interesting, interested, and nicest people in the world. I love many parts of New York, but my two favorite spots in the city are on the Manhattan Bridge looking over the Brooklyn Bridge into the Financial district or on a high up rooftop in the financial district looking all the way up Manhattan. They are both pretty great.

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