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Dr. Tim Keller

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Dr. Tim Keller

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Brian Fikkert
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Mark R. Gornik


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Logan Gentry, Apostles Church


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Tim Keller, Redeemer Presbyterian Church


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Tim Keller, John Perkins, Jeff White, and others


Stories of Hope this Spring

April 20, 2015

Last month, we celebrated Easter Sunday at Redeemer Presbyterian Church with some incredible stories from some of the men and women who have experienced life change through our affiliate programs.

We wanted to share some of them with you here. Celebrate these stories with us! 


Dina, Brooklyn Teen Challenge

Today I am learning to be confident in who I am in Christ. I know that I’m never alone. I’ve learned how to find my worth in Jesus Christ and now I strongly desire to help other people especially people who suffer from addiction and abuse.


Shantae, Young Life

I dedicated my life to Christ at Young Life camp, and now I am experiencing his love for me, that never goes away and never runs out. Before I knew Christ, I was lost, misguided and searching for love but now, because I have experienced his love and forgiveness, I am not perfect but I am more content and reliant on Him.

Antone, New York City Rescue Mission

I thank God that when I fell down, I didn’t have to stay there. My vision for my future is having a full-time, steady job, my own apartment or house, a wife and kids, and a fulfilling life with God in charge. I thank God today for allowing me to go through all the stuff I had to go through because it has helped me to realize now that I need Him more and more every day.

Crystal, The Bowery Mission Women’s Center

Being at The Bowery Mission has not only helped me in my struggles, it has also helped me to find God’s purpose for my life: to help others as I was helped, and to give of myself out of what was freely given to me. For those who are struggling at this time, be encouraged. If he did it for me, he can and will do it for you.

Josh, Brooklyn Teen Challenge

God has done so much more than just deliver me of my addiction. He has worked in me and is continuing to develop Christ-like character qualities in me. Before all I knew how to do, fight, run and hurt everyone around me. God has since taught me to show His love. He’s burdened my heart with the needs of others, and God has even allowed me to be a leader amongst my brothers in the program. The fact that people look up to me and ask me for advice after all I’ve done brings me to tears.

Derrick, New York City Rescue Mission

When I accepted Jesus Christ, I became a new creation. When I think of my old nature, it was natural for me to serve and please myself. The same God I disobeyed and turned from, is the same God who gave me a new heart. The ultimate grace! Only God is capable of doing such a thing. By the grace of God, I received a new heart.

Edna, The Bowery Mission Women’s Center

I am no longer the same Edna that walked through those red doors seven months ago. I was bitter and was broken but now I am filled with love and life. I no longer carry the hurt and anger I felt towards those who used and mistreated me. Jesus has healed my unforgiving heart and my brokenness and filled it with courage, confidence and hope in him.

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